Jungle was just made less fun than it was before, not to mention more stressful, harder, and weaker

Making the Rift Scuttler crab an "Objective" of sorts is a bad idea. I main jungle and I played a few games on the PBE and I HATE these changes. If you miss the crab in the early game, that's it, you lose. The enemy can invade you while you are doing 4 camps to hit LEVEL 3 and can kill you. Once they have done that, its game over. especially if they are play {{champion:64}} or {{champion:60}} or {{champion:28}} or any other Early game Jungler . If you are insane to do krugs, they can also kill you there considering it does the most damage. Now you have worry about a 4th objective and try to keep vision in the river so the enemy doesn't take this camp. Champions that can take these sorts of camps very easily will now be more Op than ever (Like {{champion:427}} ). Please Riot, don't let these changes hit the live servers. Us jungle mains don't want our main position to be ruined just yet (Well I dont at least... Some people might like these changes) PS. The Changes I am talking about relate to the Crab only. I think the Talisman changes are Great. Its the Crab changes that I really hate
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