ARURF. WHY!!!!!!????

Pls riot, why again AR URF?!?! It hurts, i cant take it anymore. ARURF IS CRAP! You dont have any idea of RNG stuff, thats why you said yourself " We dont support RNG in our game" So why the hell do you make the full FUN, YEAH "FUN!!!!" mode RNG based? Your RNG is probably worse then Hearthstones and sometimes hearstone has unbeliveable things.. So PLS Remove the RNG I already gave at start of the last ARURF an super good idea to balance the mode out without totaly ruining it. SO PLS, remove the ALL RANDOM from URF and give us back the URF we started to love!!! If i dont get at least 1 answer from riot im going to spamm my idea for URF until this Site explodes cause its overfilled.... jokes beside, but rly REMOVE AR from URF. I dont care dislikes, do it as you please, but at least explain your point of view to AR URF... good or bad? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Stay Crunchy Edit: New URF System. -Remove RNG -Add Coin System -Add Tier List Explanation of the Coin System: Coins: Silver = Makes Silver Tier Champs Playable Gold = Makes Gold Tier Champs Playable Diamond = Makes Diamond Tier Champs Playable How to get Coins? Bronze Tier: The Weakest of all the Urf champs are collected here and wait to get picked. Any Champ wants to be able to contest in URF! You can collect coins for higher tiers only here. After a certain amount of games you will be rewarded with Coins incresing in rank and Power a URF Champion has. 10 Games rewards you with 1 Silver Coin. Silver Coins can be collected up to 15 times per day. 15 Games rewards you with 1 Gold Coin. Gold coins can be collected up to 10 times per day- 25 Games rewards you with 1 Diamon Coin. Diamond coins can be collected up to 5 times per day. Coins can be spend as much as you want and dont expire. So if you want to collect your coins first and use them all at the last day or save them for next URF, you dont have to worry. How do Tiers Work? All Champions will be put into their Tier depenting on the Wins to Play ratio. So if Zed gets picked 80% of the time and wins about 80% of the time he will be put into the next Higher tier. All Champions Start at the Bronze Tier. If a Champion becomes stronger he Climbs up Ranks and only becomes able to play for those who pray enought to the URF Gods. Every 24 Hours Each Champ will be checkt if they win/Lose more or less games and either Climb up to Diamond or go down back to Bronze. Beeing Bronze doesnt mean that your weak, only that you didnt have the time to shine. So collect your coins and Pray to the Urf Gods, they will hear you. Edit: Here guys PLS VOTE :D
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