Nerf the Hex Tech disable item duration and the number of items and champs

Hi I want give this feetback. This new Hex Tech champions are way to OP in item disable duration. 8 seconds its a way to long. If every item on every champion are disabled in late game you really have not the chance to win the fight. You have to position the champs on other places. Nerf it please from 8 to 5 or 4 seconds diasable time and nerf it that the abbility doenst go to every item and champion. Maybe nerf it like if a champ have 3 items that one or two are disablet but not all 3. A fight needs 5 to 10 secs and 8 sec are really to long. And its to OP if every champions items are disabled. Its to easy to get two of this hex tech champions. Thanks

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