Any better method to report users other than in-client report?

I don't know if RIOT still deals with the user reports.. I've seen a few users using illegal programs during the game. (mouse click movement was not natural to turn the other way) I can save the game play and send to RIOT but since support menu doesn't go with PBE, it went hard to send the file. Would RIOT really look and see the user reports in PBE? I mean, even it's beta server that doesn't mean illegal program users should be using it in this server.. Well there are lots of users who are offensive and being afk all times, I wouldn't really mind since it's PBE.. and soon RIOT will do something regarding to them. I don't give a big deal. However, just because you can troll around or use offensive language unlike other servers, still, using illegal program is definitely unacceptable.. I hope RIOT could check more of those kind of people. Still sad i was not able to find answers where to send specific files and infos.

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