URF in other modes

So everyone seems to either love or hate ARURF... honestly, now with the new reroll system is very enjoyable, you can actually choose your champs from a pool of rerolled champs and in general is great, I personally prefer it being random. 

However, would it be possible for RIOT to enable both modes? Think about it like other game modes where you can choose the difficulty. It is basically the same thing as far as I see it, and it would suit the needs of all (I guess). So it would be like draft mode with bans and all included for normal mode, where you can pick your champs, and the same you have enabled now as ARURF! Great idea, isn't it? 

Still an issues persists, and that is: it gets monotonous. Yes, spamming abilities is fun. Yes, URF is fun, whichever mode it is.... But, still there is something missing. And so I thought, wouldn't it be great to have URF in other maps? Like, how often do you see people playing in Twisted Tree Line? Like, matches every 30 minutes with always the same 6 people on it? Why not give it some life to that and Howling Abyss? It could be then similar to the option to choose a mode described above, but instead you would choose where to play it (HA, TTL or SR). (Yeah, sure, make them all ARURF, no big deal). That would be great! 

But I don't know, what do you think about this idea? RIOT, have you thought about this? Have any of this ever been a plan? If so, what are the cons and pros of having a URF like this?
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