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sorry if there is an official thread and I missed it but I thought I would just post this here. So I had 2 ideas about how you could improve the Team builder - you really really really need to add in some fan fare for the team captain when I player is found. maybe it wont be so bad when the people are found fast but im finding that Ill get board of staring at the screen for so long waiting for someone so I go and serf the net only to miss or almost miss people when found. something like a match has been found would be nice and making the program demand to be the focus when someone is found (like a normal Q game). - i don't know if you can do it but i would like the ability to change my champion once I get to see our team comp. I play a lot of champs and pick based on my team in a lot of roles but team builder takes that away. if someone wants to pay yasuo in team builder ill switch my Xerath to an Oriana or something like that. Can you make it so you have the option to switch champions but there is a fan fare for it so it cant be sneaky? And Make it so that if anyone swaps there champ out everyone has to hit ready again if they had already hit the button. This way if someone swaps their champ everyone knows it and they can't swap champs and insta start the game. there would be no risk of trolls getting a messed up pick through because you have to hit start again after the fan fare saying they swapped. or maybe they can send a champ swap request to the team captain. so the captain has to say yes in order for it to happen. It would be really awesome and make the champ select a little nicer and more team oriented. thanks for reading thorough my rambling :P

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