4 AFKS in one team. PBE is unplayable!!

I came back to PBE after quitting for a while. It didn't take long before i was reminded with the state of this server. Complete chaos with no regard to any rule. People literally just walk out of a game without even excusing themselves. Riot please put it in some moderation before this server becomes completely unplayable for any of us. - Every game I get like at least 1 Chinese player who has unplayable ping and end up feeding and inting and ruining the game. Can we put a restriction on that? if your average ping exceeds 200 then you are not allowed to play regular rift games. TFT is ok though. - Check this game out. 4 out of my teammates didn't connect and i had to remake. https://i.imgur.com/uMC9Sq6.png[]
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