Cyber Pop Zoe feedback and questions

So i've been having a look at Zoe on the PBE, and i've been really intrigued by her Cyber Pop skin! I'm so in love with the design I'm planning a cosplay of it, however i'm having a few readability issues on the model in game when trying to figure a little bit of it out. Could I maybe ask if the art team or someone else with a good eye from the community would be willing to answer a few minor questions about it? Mainly 1) Is it a short sleeved hoodie with a long sleeve top OR is it only her right arm short sleeve and left arm is full long sleeve hoodie?! It's a little hard to tell because of the limit in the amount of Camera zoom in spectator mode. I think it's both short sleeves on the hoodie with a long sleeved shirt, but this could use some clarification. I've circled it in blue on my image link. Also, if I may add some input, I understand the splash can look different to the model, but on the splash there is some black shapes on the skirt she is wearing, they aren't on the skin however. Maybe if it isn't too much trouble, updating the texture to add them could be a nice touch and add some visual flair to the skirt :) However if that's not possible, could I find out if they are mirrored on the left side of the skirt for 6 of them? Or is it Asymmetrical? Referring to the splash art of course. Would be very helpful Model and Splash comparison:
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