Practice Tool Additions

Sit back, relax and play some practice tool for the newest champion on the PBE, wait, I can't play it without another person and I have to have two people to make a game? Darn.. Alright, enough of that stupid hook, learning it in school(I am stupd). I think we should be able to invite other players to a practice tool(I say just one other person on the enemy team). You could maybe raise the practice dummy limit by two and make it so you can only remove target dummies you have placed(With the remove target dummies thing). Obviously, remove the fast forward feature while playing multiplayer because if you want to try something you could troll your friend by spamming it and that is no fun. One last thing I thought of is the reset game feature. I was thinking to make another voting thing like the surrender pop up on the other player's screen and it would have to be unanimous to reset the game. I think all the other features, beyond the ones I talked about, are okay in multiplayer practice tool. I was also thinking of all the other things you could add such as more "commands" and items. First, one is that there should be a way in the game to change what the target dummies look like. Add all the champions and their skins and then other things like an archery target and some different dummies like the one currently in the game(the stuffed Teemo). I think that it would be best to keep the changing of what the target dummy looks like before you get into the game(in collection tab maybe). Another thing you should try to add is making killable target dummies and a way to toggle dummy health regen so you could kill them. One more nice thing would be to make it possible to get the head of Rengar/Kha'zix items without playing against the other one. Finally, I think it would be nice to have a "spaw rift herald" and a "spawn Baron" button so then you don't miss the rift herald and don't have to wait 30,000 years for Baron to spawn. Sorry if I sound demanding, I don't mean to, I just want to give suggestions. I also don't care if every little thing I say in here to be added but one or two of them might be nice. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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