About champion search in store

I don't think that it's a bug so I am posting this in feedback section. I am just wondering why when I search champion in store using a few symbols, for example "sh" (Shaco, Ashe, etc), I get results of champions who doesn't have "sh" in their name. So I searched "sh" and it showed: > > Thresh > > **Zed** > > **Hecarim** > > Shyvana > > **Talon** > > **Caitlyn** > > **Akali** > > **Malphite** > > Shen > > Ashe > > Shaco > But if we look closer, search goes through not only names that store shows but it goes through full champions names that are only shown in Overview window. Search showed Zed because his full name is Zed, the Master of **Shadows**. Same is with other champs. Of course, it's quite useful if we search for Void, Noxus, Demacian or other champions, but it doesn't show all of them then. I am just curious, it's intended to be like that or it's just a bug?
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