PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sugar Rush Braum

**Sugar Rush Braum** https://imgur.com/sECedFv KiWiKiD here taking you to heroism lane with **Sugar Rush Braum**. **New model and textures -** Who knew how robust a cream-filled chocolate-dipped waffle could be **New Spell VFX -** Lovin’ that ult VFX the most. **New SFX -** Sugary without losing the defensive power. **New recall animation -** Hungry poro might’ve eaten a bit too much **Sugar Rush Braum** is now available on PBE! Remember to report back here with any bugs that occured or feedback that you have. And of course: if you’ve got any questions, I’m here for them~ **Sugar Rush Braum** is currently set at 1350 RP (subject to change)
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