RP Price of the newly released content

**Hello PBE Community! ** I just wanted to bring your attention to a topic that has been bothering me for a while. In my opinion, the newly released skins, chromas, icons, and wards (such as those from True Damage line) **are available to buy only for a horrendous amount of RP.** I am aware that PBE Players are getting 3000 RP per day to spend but I think that the skins and other newly released content should also be available to buy for BE or for a lower amount of RP. _I thought that the purpose of PBE was testing newly released stuff and giving feedback to Riot..._ **Anyways, just to support my aforementioned arguments - let's say we start with the amount of 0 RP.** In the current patch (according to PBE content available at the moment) we got: - 5 new skins (4 for a price of 1350 RP and one for a price of 2450 RP) - 28 new chromas (each for a price of 290 RP) - 1 ward (640 RP) - 10 new icons (each for a price of 250 RP) Just to sum everything up; To buy everything that just got released we'd pay a total amount of 7850 RP (skins) + 7250 (chromas) + 640 (ward) + 2500 (icons) = **18240 RP TOTAL** Dividing it by 3000, we'd need around 6 days to buy everything, which I think is kinda ridiculous taking into consideration that this is a PBE Server. What do you guys think, I'd love to know your opinion about it. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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