Copy Paste Nidalee Dawnbringer Skin?

Hello Am i the only one who see that the Dawnbringer Nidalee Skin looks the same like the IG Rakan? - Same hair style and color - Same position from the body (nidale looks like shes mirrored from IG Rakan) - Her eyes shine the same like Rakan, only the eye color looks different - Her face looks the same like rakan, like shes a female type of rakan Is this normal that riot copy pasting new skins from old one? I see the same phenomenon on other skins too. Should not every skin be an individual? For me as player it looks like thats a lot of skins got copy pastet and only the graphics are changed and costumized. Its a bit sad to see that u guys work like this. Thats my opinion. Regards Drako Links: (Nida) (Rakan)
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