ARURF Is No Longer Fun With Transendence Nerfs; Can't Play Anything Not UberOP

Yeah I posted a few days ago about reverts to the nerfs which obviously hasn't happened. For a point of reference, in this current incarnation of ARURF, I've played close to 600 games in this small time frame its been available. The height of my enjoyment was when Transcendence bonus stats were 20AP and 12 AD per 10% CDR. Around then, it felt like you could play anything you wanted with almost any build you wanted and games felt a lot less like they were decided in champ select. You could play AD Braum for example and still clock in around 100 extra AD with Transcendence and Gathering Storm. Nowadays, you are basically relegated to playing a Crit ADC or a spammable cc oriented mage otherwise your chances of winning drop like a brick. I understand that the team working on ARURF was trying to achieve some form of balance by nerfing those runes so those weren't the only ones people took, but did you ever consider just buffing the weaker runes? Dark Harvest is by far not the best rune to take on ARURF for a lot of champions yet people do it anyways after it was nerfed because it was still fun. What you have done is made Transcendence and Gathering Storm albeit to a lesser extent not fun. In addition to this, we haven't received any updates on the status of ARURF balance either for however many months its been out on PBE. Are we even playing on PBE for a reason at this point? Are bugs actually being fixed? Are champion stats actually being tweaked? Who knows anymore with the lack of transparency between the ARURF team and the playerbase. Anyhow, I know some people will continue to play the game mode regardless but I think I might be retiring from it at this point. Good luck to all of you still playing and swing an upvote if you agree with any of the issues i mentioned (Or downvote if I sound crazy).

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