State of The PBE

_Look I'm not some super season 1 veteran, but I've been on the pbe since around season 4/5, and there is a significant and noticeable degradation occurring within the player base. This degradation occurred when Riot opened the floodgates to 'anyone with honor level 3 and no current bans'. I think this is one of the biggest mistakes riot has made (on the PBE) and I cannot stress my displeasure with the new players on pbe. There are a few different types of players I'm sure nobody would miss if they were booted from the PBE. _ **1. "PBE Reports Don't Do Anything" Guy** If you have been playing on your account at all, I'm sure you have run into someone who is either toxic, inting, or about to go afk, and they will always be spamming "PBE Reports Don't Do Anything LUL". The worst part about this is that they are kind of right. I would really like to see Riot crackdown on toxicity on the PBE much harder than the live server. After all, the PBE isn't an open server, it is a server that you have to apply to, and one that should be treated as such. Bottom line is that with the massive wave of new players, there has been a significant spike in people spamming this in chat and unfortunately, more often than not, they don't get punished. **AFK's/Dodges** Look, I am not trying to say that there were no AFKers or Dodgers on the PBE before Riot opened the floodgates, but I'm sure all of you can relate to the feeling of 90% (or more) of games being decided by who has more AFK players. Its one thing to dodge a game. Frustrating? Sure, but at least they aren't ruining a game. AFK? Either you never connected and its a remake (wasting even more time than a dodge), or you connected but AFK shortly after making it impossible to remake and basically ruining the game for both sides. It is absurd that there are so many people who do not respect the PBE server and don't care about testing, they just view it as a practice server that doesn't matter. We need harsher penalties for AFK and dodging. **Toxicity** Not much to say other than there are many more flamers and inters than before. Riot, crack down. **Language** Now, this is my final point but also potentially my most controversial point. I don't see any positive to allowing non-english speakers onto the PBE. There is no reason to muddle communications on a testing server. It makes it so much more difficult to communicate, and there is no reason to make communication difficult. Now some people might think that this is 'unfair' and 'prejudiced against non-english speakers'. You are correct, it is both of those things, but that's ok because the point of this server isn't to be 'fair' to everyone, it's to provide a clean coherent testing experience in the pursuit of finding bugs. PBE is a CLOSED server, it is a server designed to be optimal for testing new updates and releases, and there is no point catering to a group of people who make it more difficult for the vast majority of testers to do their job. There are a couple other things i want to complain about but I'll see the reactions to this before deciding about posting more.
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