Some ideal to help the game better, more equitable and

First! I forget take a photo but i'm sure that it's the truth! When i pick Zoe, i take spell teleport {{summoner:12}}, in game, i pick up spell teleport with her skill E. Then I use skill E to teleport, when it complete, i use spell teleport but i can not teleport! Second! I think Riot should increase value of prize when player level up or decrease cost to buy champion! Now, when level up, player get about 500-900BE, so player can not buy expensive champions (such as yasuo, zed, jinx{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}},...) Third! I hope that Riot decrease power of tank champions! Such as decrease damage of Cho'gath's skill E, decrease damage against a tower of DEMOLISH runes,... Because tank champions can push lane as well as Jax, Yi, Zed, Jayce,... Beside, i'm a newbie in PBE cilent, i get 8000RP daily but i don't get any BE. I hope Riot give PBE players more BE and RP daily. Thank Riot!
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