pls nerf force of nature !

Guy, lets be real, you ever see a {{champion:31}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:36}} or {{champion:3}} only with Force of nature (FON)?! I'm just telling you my experience, it's not fun to play against....even for a ad type of champion there it nothing unique pn this item and you can stack up to 6 force of nature and becomming unkillable, imagin that. you got 5 ap champs in your team and there is 1 tank that buying only force of nature, 90mr (6x540mr), 200% base health regen (6x1200%bhr) and 8%ms (6x48%ms) and this stupid stackable passiv that heals you 1% (6x6%)of your max health (within combat)! for example, a cho gath lvl 18 with atleast 5 stacks have 3004 life (inc. tank runes) sooo 3004/ 100% * 6% = 180,24 life in 1 secound! and with {{item:3165}} 63,084 life in 1 sec and you doing almost the same dmg they heals, if dont have over 700ap, and this guy is running at you and scare the sh*t out of you ... the only think that's left is.... {{sticker:sg-janna}} gettin feast/killed or surrender even with atleast 1 ad champ you gettin fcked they got soo much cc and high base dmg! you cant handle this. PLS riot, at least do a unique passiv, this would stop this overloaded item, if you can hotfix it from 100mr to 90mr you can do a unique passiv too thanks, that you read this and i hope you can understand this, my english isn't the best. greetings from germany <3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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