Suggestion: Provide a blank rune page for ARAM (and other all-random modes).

Given how little time you have to reroll/trade champions, pick summoner spells, and create a rune page, it would be really nice if the game gave you a blank editable rune page when you enter the lobby of a random-picks game mode in addition to the other available pages. Playing ARAM with every champion in the game unlocked has been fun, but I've been pressed to get everything sorted out, and since I primarily play on Summoner's Rift, scrapping one of my two SR rune pages to make a rune page for a champion I'm playing just one time feels bad. Once the store comes back and I can buy five rune pages (one for each tree) it won't be very bad, but these problem can still carry over to live, and solving it by providing a fresh blank rune page before a random mode starts would be a nice solution.

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