I want so badly to love the new Poppy, but...

There is more to be disappointed about than excited about, unfortunately. My beloved Poppy just doesn't feel as strong OR cohesive as she used to. While obviously the voice is pretty good and the visuals are great, I've been putting together a list of things that fall flat on new Poppy... 1. There is almost no discernible visual difference to tell you you've got upgraded defense (W passive) or a buckler attack ready. 2. The buckler feels random in a bad way... too awkward to use, never safe to rely on unlike how they played it up on the preview notes. Mayyyyyybe if they did something like a Draven axe-style lead-off and I could know where it was going to land, then it would be useful. Ironically, since I never know when I have the buckler available I tend to always use it from melee range anyway, because I expected to have a normal auto. 3. The ult. Yeah, I get it, send people back toward their base. But it just doesn't feel rewarding. Why bother have damage on something and tempt people to use it for a finisher when they have no cooldowns left up? More often than not I've ended up looking like a really bad Vayne and saved an enemy or just messed up my teammates game plan. 4. Also on the topic of the ult: for how utterly not strong it feels, the cooldown is ridiculous. And if you get interrupted in the middle of charging it, the "short" cooldown is longer than several champions' actual fucking ult CDs. Why break from the game standard on this one suddenly? Other champs get nice little slap-on-the-wrist CDs for getting interrupted, Poppy gets beaten down for it. 5. Her innate sticking power is less, damage is less, and tankiness is less. Basically she's weaker at everything except peel. Literally no one who plays Poppy on Live looks forward to having their champion's gameplay identity changed and pigeonholed into something different. 6. Her basic attack feels less responsive than other new/reworked champions lately. 7. Sometimes her E brings her on top of the enemy she hits with it, sometimes she stops and the enemy continues on into the wall. I'm hoping this is a bug because it makes it really hard to tell where you should lay down your followup Q. And finally, most important of all... 8. I don't feel powerful when I play Poppy anymore. It just feels like her power was gutted in exchange for some pseudo-outplay potential that doesn't even work out. I basically learned to play this game with Poppy, and now I'm heartbroken because she's losing what I loved about her, but if she's released as-is she will be JUST as unpopular and unplayed as before because she isn't as threatening as any other juggernaut.
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