Tundra Hunter Warwick TU

Hello fellow PBE folks, I'd like to share my thoughts on the newest Warwick Texture update. While most of skins looks after the make-up a lot better, there is one that sadly, in my opinion, lost almost everything unique, and that is Tundra Hunter skin. The black claws, along with mix of dark gold and black coloured armor, the very reason i chose this skin to be my investment in my first main almost 4 years ago is gone, and was replaced by one single colour... The only better thing in this skin after TU is a fur. It lost it's uniqueness, it's charm, and stopped being IMO the most badass colour-swap only skin in the League. Gods of Rito, I'm begging you to give armor and claws their previous colours back, maybe change it a little bit, but dont replace this awesomeness into one simple blank gold... Best Regards, xMefistox (photo from Surrender@20, hope you dont mind Moobeat)
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