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_4/23 Evening Update before 4/25 PBE Build_ Hi all, It's been a few days since I gave an update here, so here it is real quick. Given most of the feedback I've been reading/hearing, I'm making a few changes across the kit. One, there's more tuning on Void Swarm, as I think the high end for the case is too high, thus causing cases other than 5+ Voidlings to have to be tuned to be weak. Additionally, just looking at numbers across the kit and what-not, it feels like his need for AP has been reduced pretty dramatically, so I'm trying to give that some attention as well, with the intention that when he releases, the optimal way to play him is damage oriented as opposed to some kind of tank thing. It's probably worth noting that Void Swarm is probably just nerfed here, but that spell is probably crazy right now, so if it's a bit tamer after these changes, I'm okay with that. Changes for next build: * **Q - Call of the Void** * Base Damage reduced 70/115/160/205/250 >>> 70/110/150/190/230 * AP ratio increased 0.6 >>> 0.7 * **W - Void Swarm** * Now spawns a Voidling when attack monsters (this was in at the end of this week) * Frenzy Attack Speed bonus reduced 100% >>> 50% * Total AD ratio reduced 0.38/0.41/0.44/0.47/0.5 >>> 0.3/0.325/0.35/0.375/0.4 * Base magic damage increased 8/11/14/17/20 >>> 10/15/20/25/30 * Cooldown adjusted 18 >>> 20/19/18/17/16 * AP ratio increased 0.05 >>> 0.1 * **E - Malefic Visions** * Base damage reduced 80/120/160/200/240 >>> 80/115/150/185/220 * AP ratio increased 0.6 >>> 0.7 Cheers, Repertoir --- _4/20 Evening Update before 4/21 PBE Build_ Hi everyone, I wanted to stop in and give everyone an update for where Malz is at from my perspective. Though there is other feedback worth addressing, the thing I spent most of my Malz time discussing was his capabilities as a jungler. While I do think it's cool that he can jungle, the extent to which he currently can do so seems pretty over the top from what I've seen and read. Tomorrow's PBE build takes attacking large monsters off the available ways to spawn more Voidlings with W, while it remains epic monsters in tact and using the champion rule. Keep in mind, you can still spawn Voidlings from monsters by the Voidling killing the monster (large or small), so you will now have to prioritize having Voidlings target the small guys first to be effective and generate more Voidlings most likely. I'm interested in knowing how this plays out, and if it just completely removes his ability to jungle effectively. I'll continue to keep an eye on him, and hopefully move on to more feedback in the coming days, but I wanted to get a solution to this issue out on the PBE quickly so the expectation that he would be a god tier jungler didn't become too great. Another change I made today is some stuff to have Voidlings spread out around the target they are attacking if they're clumped up. I'm interested in knowing if this feels more on the cool side or more on the buggy side. Finally, I increased how far the Voidlings can spawn from Malzahar, hopefully to increase the spell's usability in lane and pvp scenarios. Changes for tomorrow's build: * **W - Void Swarm:** * New Voidlings are no longer generated from Voidlings attacking large monsters. * Still works on Voidlings attacking champions and epic monsters, and by Voidlings killing monsters of all sizes. * Voidling cast/spawn max range increase 300 >>> 450 * Voidlings now try to spread out around the target if they are attacking on top of other Voidlings. Thanks for all the feedback so far, Repertoir _____ Hi all, Here's a thread where we can discuss the Malzahar changes coming in 6.9. I'll start by just giving an overview of the changes, with probably a bit more depth on the bigger changes. * **Passive - Void Shift** * When he hasn't been recently damaged or crowd controlled, Malzahar gains massive damage reduction and CC immunity, lingering for 1 second after taking damage or blocking a crowd control effect. * **Q - Call of the Void** * Damage and silence duration reduced, but cooldown reduced by several seconds as well. * **W - Void Swarm** * On cast, summon a Voidling. If that Voidling kills a unit, or attacks a champion, large monster, or epic monster, another Voidling is spawned with the same remaining duration as the one that spawned it. New Voidlings are not summoned from existing ones with less than a few seconds remaining in their duration. * When 3 or more Voidlings exist at the same time, they all gain 100% Attack Speed. * Voidlings' attacks deal a percentage of Malzahar's Total AD as physical damage plus magic damage equal to a percentage of Malzahar's AP plus a base amount based on spell rank. * Voidlings prefer to attack enemies affected by Nether Grasp, followed by champions affected by Malefic Visions, followed by other units affected by Malefic Visions, followed by the nearest visible enemy to them. * _Note: Voidlings no longer react to Malzahar's auto attacks_. I know some of you will be upset by this, but _I cannot make them strong if they are simply always attacking exactly what you want them to without opponent play available_. You can, of course, get around this by using Nether Grasp or Malefic Visions on priority enemies, or also by positioning yourself such that the Voidling is closest to the enemy you want it to attack. * _Note: Voidlings no longer have a leash/returnTP range_. Historically, Voidlings would leash back to Malzahar if they ventured too far from him, and they would teleport to him if he teleported. This is no longer the case. * Voidlings gain 100% Movement Speed when chasing enemies affected by Nether Grasp or Malefic Visions. * Voidlings gain Health per Malzahar's level, not Void Swarm (W)'s spell rank. * **E - Malefic Visions** * Deals less damage than Live, but also has less of a cost and restores a percentage of your maximum Mana rather than a flat amount. * Now additionally is refreshed on the target if Malzahar applies Call of the Void (Q) or Nether Grasp (R) to the target during the visions' duration. * **R - Nether Grasp** * Old Null Zone has been moved here, so now Malzahar locks an enemy down and creates the Void pool beneath them, which deals damage to enemies standing on top of it. * Per old Null Zone, this ability now deals percent Health damage. Walking up to someone and E>R-ing them is not going to be big burst on squishies anymore. That should do for now. This certainly isn't a list of every exact detail, but that's mostly available in game on PBE or with data scraping. I'll check on this thread later to answer any questions you guys might have. Cheers, Repertoir
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