Nexus Siege is now available for testing!

Hey guys! Now that we've kicked over to the 7.19 version, we have our next upcoming game mode: Nexus Siege! It's been a while since we've released this one :) Here's some of the new champions that have come out since the last time we did Nexus Siege: * Xayah * Rakan * Kayn * Yes, you can Shadow Step into the firey spawn pads of the enemy team... but we don't recommend it! D: * Ornn * Yes, you can totally forge deployables from outside of the base! Since last time, we've mostly made bug fixes, including: * Xayah and Rakan tandem recall didn't work * Kayn transform didn't work properly between rounds * Warwick Blood Hunt (W) particles no longer persist through the 2nd round. * Sion and Nasus now get the correct amount of Health/Siphoning Strike stacks when killing deployables. Feel free to drop any feedback here! As for bug reports, please file them either below or via the [Report A Bug Tool]( ! Happy sieging, Summoners! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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