Kassadin PBE Changes (after testing)

OK im a kassadin player,been playing him since July 2013 (since i switched to mid lane) I tested him last night in a single bot game,i will play a normal game prob today to test him further the build i used on that game is {{item:3003}} ,{{item:3027}} ,{{item:3100}} ,{{item:3089}} ,{{item:3157}} ,{{item:3020}} Now comes my conclusion about his changes Passive: Because of the W changes,kassadin no longer needs the attack speed of the passive,and the ability to ignore collision is cool kinda.....tho this changes make him kinda like fizz (fizz passive : moves through units and reduces physical damage,kassadin is the same only reduces magic damage) Q Although im tired of people saying "nerf kassa silence" ,i did agree about that,that silence needed a nerf....but this? interrupts channels? this means you can counter certain champions....but what about champions without channels? and the shield? the shield very rare does anything......both new abilities on Q are very inconsistent .....sometimes they will be there and help,but most of the time your Q won't even be noticed ... W I liked the old W,but i also like this one ...it's a much better mana sustain now then before,and the damage is very nice combined with Lich Bane,this was a good change E Nothing changed,the mechanics of the spell are perfect R Ahhh,we all hate this spell when we play against kassadin .... but now..... Why the fuckk would the mana cost increase of the damage doesn't go up ? riot really wants to force players to use Riftwalk only for escapes? and the late game damage is very low....very very very low....i had around 2900 mana on lvl 18 and R dealt 347 dmg......347!!!!!!!!!!!!! 160 + 177 from the mana scale..... for a nerf that's too much Recommended changes Q Forget the channel interrupt,either return the silence but with the duration of 1 sec on each lvl,or add something else The magic damage shield that scales with mana isn't always gonna help,maybe you should change it to something like viktor's Q shield R Option 1.Keep the mana scale,but add some AP scale,like 0.3 or 0.4 or 0.5 Option 2.Increase the mana scale by allot Option 3.Return the rising damage on each cast Option 4.Remove mana scale and add 0.5 AP scale,but increase the damage by half the mana used Example for Option 4. Kassadin has 100 AP,and he is lvl 6.....hi ulti will deal 50 damage based on AP scale,and 50 extra because it costs 100 mana....then the next cast will deal 50 + 100,50 + 150 etc etc i think u got it
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