I believe MF needs something more

MF has been my most since Season 2. I believed Riot would make a great rework on MF but it's not yet satisfying me. (The new skin is pretty amazing. luv it) If any of my suggestion is taken, I believe I can see MF in pro-games. A. Unbreakable passive DURING W activation. We already have a champ w/ similar power-level kiting skill, Kalistar. So I believe it wouldn't make MF too much OP but MF could get her own concept. (Kiting w/ mobility) B. add AS scaling to R Remaining total DMG of R, make channeling time shorter according to MF's AS. (max reduction 1 sec) Currently, it needs 2 seconds for 8 bullets. (0.25 sec/bullet) If MF can burst her bullets in 1 second w/ 200% AS, she would take less risk in team fights in a late game. C. simply buff W (20% AS) => W AS 40/50/60/70/80% Currently, it's 20/30/40/50/60 w/o any DMG increase. And it no longer applies the healing reduction effect. Sorry for any broken language. Hope you have a good game! xD
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