Put the spectral wolf from the old devourer onto the new Guinsoos rageblade

[Play this while reading the post](https://youtu.be/1SiylvmFI_8?t=63). With the removal of Devourer from the game a poor little spectral wolf pup is being abandoned forced out of his home to be alone in the cold dark world. But for a one time donation of a few lines of programming code you could give this beautiful creature a new loving home and give a poor lonely champion on the front lines of summoners rift several lifetimes of companionship. All you have to do is move the spectral wolf from Devourer to the new Rageblade. It would help with clarity you could have the wolf get bigger with rageblade stacks just like he currently gets bigger with devourer stacks so the enemy has a better idea of when you are going be fully ramped up. And when you hit max stacks it would merge with you just like Sated devourer currently does. Just remove the frenzy from when the the wolf passes near a scuttle crab and it would be perfect.
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