Rift Herald PBE Feedback Thread

Hey guys, Rift Herald is coming out and I wanted to fill in some of the details of what's going on here. * Location/timing: * Spawns at the Baron Pit * First appears at 4:00 * Respawns every 5 minutes * Despawns at 19:45 unless in combat; hard despawns at 19:55 no matter what * Encounter details: * Melee-only attacker - but hits pretty hard. Need to be able to take a punch to tank RH. * The Eye will occasionally open, exposing RH to bonus damage on attacks from behind equal to ~~12~~ 15% of RH's Max HP as True Damage. * Takes 35% less damage from ranged Autoattacks. * Reward details: * 50 global gold to everyone on the killing team * Drops "Doom's Eve" buff to the killer: * 10% increase to all Damage (except True Damage) and 40 bonus MS * Enhanced Baron Recall * Enhances nearby minions 40% increased attack speed ~~offensive power, same as Baron buff, with an additional attack speed increase.~~ Does NOT increase their defensive power (don't worry, you won't have to deal with last-hitting Baron buffed minions in lane) We'll be dropping a Dev Blog explaining some more of the intent behind putting RH in the game, but any and all types of feedback are fair game here. Thanks everyone!
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