I noticed something when creating a rune page, no matter wich combo of paths you pick the stats you get are always the same unless if you pick Inspiration as your primary path. I think it would add more diversity ( and fun) if the stats you get are based on both paths. Lets take a look at our current situation: e.g. Precision Set Bonuses * The Merciless Elite +18% Attack Speed Precision + Domination set bonus * The Brazen Perfect +18% Attack Speed Precision + Sorcery set bonus. * The Savant +18% Attack Speed Precision + Inspiration * The Eternal Champion +18% Attack Speed Precision + Resolve set bonus Inspiration Set Bonuses * The Stargazer +20% Potion and Elixir Duration +30 Ability Power or +18 Attack Damage, Adaptive Inspiration + Sorcery set bonus * The Ruthless Visionary +20% Potion and Elixir Duration +21.6 Ability Power or +13 Attack Damage, Adaptive Inspiration + Domination set bonus * The Virtuoso +20% Potion and Elixir Duration +21.6% Attack Speed Inspiration + Precision set bonus * The Timeless +20% Potion and Elixir Duration +84 Health Inspiration + Resolve set bonus As you can see if you pick any other path you'll always get the same bonuses, wich means someone that picks Precision + Sorcery has the same stat bonuses as someone who gets Precision + Resolve (the second one should have a bit more Durability than the first one). What if you could get a Primary bonus e.g.( Inspiration gives 20% more duration on potions) and a secondary bonus (probably a percentage of that path's bonus) depending on wich secondary path you pick(e.g. Attack Speed for precision, HP for resolve etc.). I think it would add a lot more diversity and uniqueness to the rune pages and just makes sense since the purpose of this rework was to create more playstyle options. Thank you for your patience and sorry for my english(my native language is HUE) . ^^
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