How to make Sona's Auras FEEL Impactful (w/ Pics!)

> Mathmatically Sona is an insane champion with problems re: satisfaction. Auras are typically low gameplay high impact concepts that very few appreciate. Personally I think Sona is an... interesting champion. I'll leave it at that. A quote from Riot Pwyff. It got me thinking over the last few days "I really like Sona (Second favorite support!), but how can we make her Auras feel more impactful?" This made me think of Nami! Remember when Nami was first released, and her E - Tide Caller's Blessing, felt underpowered because it was hard to appreciate it visually? Sona suffers from the same problem. The user and her allies can't appreciate or take advantage of the currently active aura because in the heat of battle no one can see it. If Sona's allies were given a visual indication of being affected by an aura it would feel more impactful. This is why I love Arcade Sona so much, and I think her visual queues could be taken further. You will notice in the SonaWBuff1 picture, a giant red circle, along with my crudely drawn particle mock-ups under the allied champions. All of Sona's active abilities on all of her skills should have something like what appears in the Red circle. It's a better visual indicator of "Hey, I'm getting buffed!" The crudely drawn particles in on the ground in all the pictures is what should appear for the persistent aura (or something similar) so people can know "Hey! I have X Sona Aura on me right now!" This will help curb what we call invisible power, by giving her auras actually visual ques! I have more small ideas to help Sona feel more impactful outside of Ult plays, but I thought this was a good place to get the conversation started! So what do you guys think?

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