Hi guys i only found mixed review but i wanted a dedicated Skarner Discussion. Here my thoughts: Skarner can at least at the moment NOT do what he is supposed to do. Lets say he doesn´t have Ultimate. Then he can slow the enemy to get onto him but THEN, he can´t stick to him anymore. If he autoattacks he gets left behind. if he just walks after the enemy he can apply his Qs, but doesn´t profit at all from his Attackspeedbuff and his Damage is low. No matter how hard i try to stick on my enemy it just can´t be done without neglecting something. Yes i can stick to an enemy and autoattack with Triforce, Frosthammer and Fury boots, but you can´t expect a level 7 Skarner to have that items. His passive becomes an almost jungle only relevant thing that way. One or two autoattack within a gank, afterwards i just run after the guy and spam Qs. His Kit is perfectly build around his Ultimate but once thats done, Skarner lacks severly as a Bruiser. I do understand that Permaslow on Skarner was maybe to hard to balance, but there should be a a way to accomplish a nice Rework. I really don´t care for Skarner as much as for Xerath so i leave it to the developers to make him somehow work. Just a few Suggestions not all at once obviously: E: Slow gets Reduced cooldown per rank OR The slow leaves a mark(like the Heal) that can be procced by a powered crystal slash to proc that slow again with maybe lower duration. W: gets the AS Buff (helps making use of his passive) Q: gets the Speedbuff (helps sticking to targets without slowing them) OR you apply the passive on Q proccs too. Passive: Ramp up the Cooldownreduce per Autoattack. Overall: I just wanna be usefull even when my Ult is gone and that Slowcooldown is way too harsh :(. Perma slow is wrong, but skarner should be still a CC-Machine. greets Tyrannon
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