Core Defense Items Pass [5.16]

Hey guys, Defensive items right now are in a generally okay place - It's not great but it's functional. There are some very high powered items (especially in Armor) but there are also some weaker items (especially in Magic Resistance) that are viable so on the whole - defensive builds as a whole generally reach the amount of power / cost that's probably okay. **However**, we'll be introducing several new defensive items in the 5.16 patch and the existence of these high powered items create a world where any new item has to be almost equally high powered to compete. This necessitates a rebalancing of power across the board such that it can be acceptable of new items being introduced. I suspect that this changelist isn't going to be particularly exciting - especially compared to AP - but these changes were made to provide an easier environment to balance introducing **new defensive items** that we'll be introducing in the same patch. This does have some side effects on low income characters (Support / Support Tanks / Pure Tanks) - and so we'll likely be looking at base statistic adjustments on the ones that are most affected if we feel like they're in a terrible spot. TL;DR - Armor items are generally more expensive or grant less armor. Health items readjusted. Magic Resistance is generally cheaper and easier to build. Will be looking at specific support or low-income champions that might be hurt from an Armor perspective. ------ **Magic Resistance** ------ {{item:1033}} Null Magic Mantle **Cost**: 500 --> 450 {{item:1057}} Negatron Cloak **Cost**: 850 --> 800 **Note**: Rescaled the cost of MR to be roughly 90% of Armor. {{item:3105}} **Aegis of the Legion** **Cost**: 1900 --> 1600 **Recipe Change**: Null Magic Mantle + Crystalline Bracer **HP Regen**: Gains 100% Base HP Regen. **Aura MR**: Magic Resistance Aura changed from 20 --> 15. **Aura Regen**: No longer grants HP Regen as an Aura. **Notes:** Recipe change was a fairly requested change - however, given the power/size of the item - the recipe change alone would probably favor bruiser / solo tanks than actual support characters. With this general rebalance - shrinking the item's power and effect also lets us streamline the item path as it'll be less suited for solo bruiser/tanks and more appropriate to support tanks / pure support who have less inventory slots. {{item:3190}} **Locket of the Iron Solari** **Total Cost:** 2800 --> 2750 **Shielding Active:** Shield power increased by 50%. ( 50 - 230 --> 75 - 345 ) **Shielding Duration:** Shield Duration goes from 5 --> 2 **Aura:** See 'Aegis of the Legion' **Note:** Similar to the AP item work - taking the time to sharpen the identity and power of several of these items. While a 5 second low power shield is fairly decent at general defense - it's not quite enough shield to save someone and somewhat poor at fighting back against a high powered burst spell. Compressing the power and duration of the shield is aimed at pushing the power away from general ambient damage absorption to a more reactive 'block' approach. {{item:3060}} **Banner of Command** **Total Cost:** 3000 --> 2750 **Aura:** See 'Aegis of the Legion' **Note:** Now even more overpowered than before. {{item:3211}} **Spectre's Cowl** **Magic Resistance**: 35 --> 40 {{item:3065}} **Spirit Visage** **Total Cost:** 2750 --> 2700 **Magic Resistance**: 55 --> 60 **Health Regeneration**: 100% of Base --> 150% of Base {{item:3102}} **Banshee's Veil** **Total Cost:** 2750 --> 2700 **Recipe Change:** Now builds from Spectre's Cowl and Crystalline Bracer instead of Spectre's Cowl and Ruby Crystal. **Magic Resistance**: 55 --> 60 **Notes:** Nothing to see here. Just general cost / power tuning - as well as some light recipe adjustments. Crystalline Bracer now forks at Veil and Aegis if you're building MR -or- between RG and Warmog's if you're looking for Health. ------ **Armor / Resistance** ------ {{item:2053}} **Raptor's Cloak** **Total Cost:** 1000 --> 1100 **HP Base Regen:** 100% to 150% **Point Runner:** Movement speed maximum reduced to 20% (from 30%). However, Movement Speed now **decays** over 2 seconds instead of **instantly** dropping off when you leave the proximity of a tower. **Notes:** In general, Raptor's Cloak was pretty good at one or two specific scenarios (dancing) - however, the usability tuning of it frequently meant it was pretty inconsistent in a lot of other things. While this isn't the core problem with the item - doing some light tuning passes here to improve some of the usability around this item. {{item:3512}} **ZZ'Rot Portal** **Total Cost:** 2800 --> 2750 **Point Runner:** See Raptor Cloak. **Void Spawn Health Decay:** Is now a % of their *current* health rather than *maximum*, minimum of one. This effectively doubles their health *(and roaming range!)* but greatly reduces their effective health at all points. **Void Spawn Gold Counter:** Now shows you how much gold you earned from Voidlings. **Empowered Void Spawn:** Empowered Voidlings now scale off 15% of your **maximum Health** rather than your resistances. **Notes:** Some cleanup and adjustments on ZZ'Rot Portal - mostly for usability. While the range is 'doubled' - the health of the voidlings is lower at any given point - so poor placements of ZZ'Rot will still get you voidlings when you properly support them but at generally far lower health pools. {{item:3056}} **Ohmwrecker** **Point Runner:** See ZZ'Rot Portal ------ **Armor** ------ {{item:3024}} **Glacial Shroud** **Total Cost:** 950 --> 900 {{item:3082}} **Warden's Mail** **Total Cost:** 1050 --> 1100 {{item:3110}} **Frozen Heart** **Total Cost:** 2450 --> 2600 **Armor:** 100 --> 90 **Notes:** So Frozen Heart is one of several main defensive item outliers in terms of just raw power and efficiency - so we're going to tone that down by quite a bit as, compared to other items - the effective power to cost ratio was incredibly high. {{item:3075}} **Thornmail** **Total Cost:** 2100 --> 2300 **Passive Changed:** Instead of reflecting 30% of pre-mitigation damage, it instead reflects 15% of pre-mitigation damage and 25% of your bonus Armor. **Note:** Thornmail was another major outlier in terms of power effectiveness - but - it is only strong in the presence of high health pools. Because Thornmail is such an effective standalone Armor item *and* additional Armor doesn't really make Thornmail much stronger - Thornmail is strongest when you can stack Health (as is the case for most pure resistance items.) While this case will always be naturally powerful - putting a hook onto Thornmail such that purchasing additional Armor items unlocks a different sort of power as well as having some more soft synergies with other champions (Leona, Rammus, etc.) If you're under the effects of a negative % decrease in Armor - Thornmail will ignore it for the purpose of calculating bonus damage. {{item:3143}} **Randuin's Omen** **Total Cost:** 2850 --> 2700 **Health**: 500 --> 400 **Armor**: 70 --> 60 **Cold Steel Passive**: Unchanged **Crit Damage Reduction**: Now reduces critical strike damage taken by 10%. **Slow Active**: Duration no longer scales off Armor and Magic Resistance, instead it will always slow for a flat **four** seconds. **Notes:** Randuin's Omen is probably one of the more ubiquitous items in the game in terms of general purpose strength. Since we're adding several items that try to do slightly different things - sharpening Randuin's Omen to be a more dedicated 'Oh god, crits are murdering me' item seemed appropriate. However, this is overall intended to be a moderate nerf to the item. ------ **Health** ------ {{item:3083}} **Warmog's Armor** **Base Regen:** Now grants 200% Base Regen instead of zero. **Passive Changed:** Grants **Warmog's Heart** if you have more than **3000** maximum Health. Warmog's Heart restores **3%** of your maximum life **per second** when you haven't taken damage in 8 seconds. **Notes:** Sharpening items. MORE SHARP. MORE FOCUS. I think we've been generally happy with Warmog's Armor as an anti-siege option for the mid-late game - so we're kind of tripling down on the concept at this point. In the late game - recalling and regenerating has roughly similar effects in a winning case - and therefore we've decided to push Warmog's into a space where it is powerful enough to **replace** the act of Recalling for healing in the late game for character's that choose to invest heavily into a health route. {{item:3800}} **Righteous Glory** **Total Cost:** 2500 --> 2400 **Catalyst Passive:** Loses Catalyst Passive on Upgrade. **Notes:** Catalyst has two clear upgrades - a rush item (Rod of ze Ages) or Righteous Glory (Team Fight). One of the reasons we've tuned down RG over time is that whenever its strong enough to be rushed as first item, we tend to dislike how early skirmishes get decided. Trying some minor experimental stuff to discourage RG as first-pick up by giving it a clear tradeoff from its counterpart - while also making it slightly easier to build later in the game. {{item:3709}} {{item:3717}} {{item:3721}} {{item:3725}} **Cinderhulk** **Base Health:** 300 --> 400 **Health Multiplier:** 25% --> 15% **Notes:** This is a minor buff to Cinderhulk's average case and a nerf to Cinderhulk's best case late game. While Cinderhulk isn't exactly a dominant pickup at the moment - it sits in this odd spot of having most of its power devoted to a late game which already has its fair share of powerful effects (Devourer). This change shifts it to be slightly more mid-game focused than its counterparts and should let us better control how much Health a character will have due to the reduced multipliers. **TL;DR** - Armor is nerfed and more expensive. MR is generally cheaper and easier to build. Health adjusted. Total cost should be similar - but most likely more expensive. Will be looking at some classes for base statistics adjustments to compensate for potential loss in defensive armor.
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