Discuss How powerful Kindreds Passive really is

Kindreds passive is a fun new mechanic in the game, the use of new UI and really interesting interactions between Kindred and their enemies, but how powerful is kindreds infinately stacking passive? Obviously any form of % HP be it current, max, or missing takes up a significant portion of a champions power budget, but I feel that the weakest of the 3 is %current HP because it discourages you from dealing damage since it gives diminishing returns. Even still having the ability to stack this passive infinately could result in Kindred obtaining 100% current HP damage on their passive... **However realistically how many stacks of kindreds passive can you expect to get in a good game, and how many do you expect to get in a bad game?** by late game, with the cd of kindreds passive and the choice of targets getting limited to tanks if you've eliminated the squishies for 4 minutes, on top of your normal game patterns as a jungler and your responsibilites to respond to how a game is playing out** (help the lanes who need it and not just lanes you can easily stack your passive on)** You can only really expect to see 7-12 stacks which is ok but it really takes up a large portion of her power budget to have BotRK's passive at lvl 16, when we think of other infinitely stacking passives, in particular Sions HP buff, they can stack much more traceable stats much faster and effectively yet it takes up much less of the champions power and at the very least has a very measurable impact both visually and value wise. **Wolfs portion of the passive is another issue**, since it can be random and unreliable for kindred (it has marked camps that the enemy jungler has nearly finished killing, just so that the mark has to wait to respawn). Making wolf tired after 6 stacks really just makes it feel like wolf's passive was a shotty attempt to push kindred into a certain playstyle by adding a catch up mechanic that is potientially riskier than lambs passive.** If Wolf granted AD for every large monster killed (capping at a certain number to avoid afk farming all game) and Extra AD for Epic monsters with no cap (so wolf loses interest in puny prey and sets his sights on the epic monsters)**.

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