Quick rune thoughts.

Opinion 1: There are a lot of movement speed options and runes that works off boots; And even with all of it together it feels just a tad bit weak. There is an over stauration of MS and little armor/mr options. Kind of feels bad man. Opinion 2: So far the tank tree is a little lack luster and only provides good options for a few abuse cases; kind of like full health smite cheese sion or olaf. Issue being too much options for health and gaining health and scaling off health. The plus side is that tanks do now FEEL tankier without having old school 'build pen into runes and maybr some pen masteries' making them tanky and high base/pen. Opinion 3: meteor is a decent rune... but it sounds and looks so stupid/cartoony. Not as much people seem yo use it... prob between the delay and (for silly reasons i fall into as well) the way it looks. It needs the trundle treatment and just be reworked into something cooler like 'fissure' and havr the ground break under an area aftrr delay or 'runic tear' and have a arcane looking tear appear after a delay. All woukd havr the samr effect in gamr but with cooler names and prob more reasonable less cheesey visuals.
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