Azir, the Emperor of the Sands

Hello friends and testers! Thank you very much for checking out Azir on the PBE. This release is a little unlike our normal PBE releases in that you'll see us actively iterating on the champion before your eyes. We're mostly done with what his kit does, but balance is still a huge question mark and we're aware of the bug count we have. With that said, here's what's going to be happening over the next days: 1) Azir currently murders towers. There is a subtle price he pays for this (soldiers time out much more quickly under enemy turrets), but that price is not high enough. Tomorrow we'll try a version of Azir where the soldiers cannot attack turrets at all but instead you can spawn a soldier onto a turret to deal a chunk of damage to the turret. You have to cast your W onto the turret, that is to say walk into 400 unit range of the turret, which we hope will be risky enough for the pay-off. The idea is that if left alone, Azir will push like the crazy bird he is, but enemies should be able to punish Azir for walking this close to a tower if they stick around for the defense. 2) Azir currently suffers from a weak laning phase and then enjoys a crazy take-off point mid to late game (usually around the time he hits 40% CDR). We're happy with that curve overall, but we're looking to smooth it out a little. Coming soon[tm] (probably day after tomorrow?) we'll buff Azir's early lane (Q slow amount? Q base damage? W stab base damage?) but reduce the CDR->AS passive somewhat--at least that's our thinking after half a day on PBE. We'll do some analysis tomorrow and make the call. 3) While I've not seen this on PBE, I have seen Azir get ahead and shut down his lane opponent in internal playtests. The amount to which he removes his opponent's ability to play the game in the laning phase is worrying. If we see people learn Azir and get to this stage on PBE, we will assess if the soldier attack range (currently 400) is appropriate. If not, we'll bring it down. Let's use this thread as the master repository of bug reports and balance feedback. There's a few bugs I'm aware of that I want to fix, such as: * Allies and Azir can teleport to the tower clicker [FIXED] * Sometimes in a mirror matchup, certain tower clickers disappear for one Azir [FIXED 8/27] * Using E outside of range procs spellcasts (sheen passive etc) [FIXED 8/27] * The first soldier attack after summoning the soldier sometimes fails [FIXED] * Jinx passive and Ohmwrecker do not yet work on Azir turrets * There are circumstances in which Azir can do damage to you without being revealed in brush * Azir's allies see the tower clicker light up when they mouse over it even though they cannot interact with it If you have more bugs, please let us know here! Also, any and all impressions of playing as / against / with Azir are very welcome. Tell me a story about an Azir game--was he useful? Useless? Super OP? Hard to understand? Let us know! Thank you again for participating in the public beta program!
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