Is Riot bring back all the Scrapped Champions? (Relate to the latest leaked champion)

Yes i know the character background and art work art totally different, yet if you read the abilities you will find that this scrapped champion's ability are very similar to the leaked champion on Reddit. (Below are the details i found on Name: Averdian, the smurf abortion Passive: Astral Barrier: 4 Astral Spirts Lore: His mommy didn't love him. Left him in the trash can soon after his was ejected. This is the reason behind his lack of ethical behavior. Tips: This character is a Caster class character. The role of a Caster character is to damage enemy Minions and Heroes with direct damage spells, abilities, and disables. A Caster character often has a variety of ways to damage the enemy at a safe range, using their large Mana Point pool to their advantage. Per: Averdrian's energy shield. Detonate: Releases a pulse of energy, dealing area of effect damage around Averdrian and slowing enemies within 100 distance for 5 seconds. Lockdown: Ensnares a unit in deadly energy, strangling it. Caster channels to deal damage every second to the target, and prevents all movement and actions for the target. Lasts up to 5 seconds. Consume Spirit: Absorbs one of his Spirits, granting him a boon of increasing his spell damage, and granting a damage aura for 60 seconds. Astral Beam: Sends a coiled beam of light to damage an enemy unit. This damage is not preventable in any way {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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