Hey guys. I was thinking of the fairness of Morellonimicon having Grievous Wounds. {{item:3165}} My thoughs are that mages usually get this item for the mana, ap and CD, and it's very unfair that champions like Vladimir or Zac get counter by it without being **the main purpose of the item**. It's like adding Grievous Wounds to the Infinity Edge. For tanks and adc there's some healthy ways to access to Grievous Wounds {{item:3123}} {{item:3076}}, that require them to modify their build paths and give some counterplay opportunity (Ex: The Grievous Wounds effect time is shorter until you complete the item). For the mages in other hand you don't need to modify your build path, and you get a better duration on the debuff (8 seconds). Opens up a little counterplay if you are above 35% health, but honestly players didn't even realize they just applied that debuff. Also for non morello champions (Ex: Akali) accessing to Grievous Wounds can be very unefficient. I propose to remove Grievous Wounds from Morello and create a new item that gives some AP and the Grievous Wounds effect (You can find a optimal build path). That way you remove the "something nice to have" from the Morello and make it the core function of another item which should be more accesible for all the AP champions. Comment: Sorry for my bad english, I hope you all get the point of this threat. Thanks
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