@Stashu We need Fiora changes, but you're making me worried

Fiora, in her present PBE state, is pretty garbage. It's not hard to find out why/how; just read any of the posts on her. I've never seen the community so completely in agreement about a rework as this; absolutely no one is saying that she's in a good place. But it's now Thursday, two PBE rollouts in the new week, and all that's happened is a slight lowering (?) or her base HP. You didn't even touch her last night, and we haven't received anything from you. The art update was bad, but they quickly started addressing our concerns through changes, so no one is nearly as worried about what is left to be done on that front (animation for her walk cycle, perhaps a recall animation) as they are about the gameplay side. We need for you to either push a change, or tell us what's going on. I'm afeared for Fiora, and refusing to address our concerns and feedback is making me wonder why I even bother to test for you guys. If your changes are going to take a while to implement, please tell us what your plans are so that we can stop feeling like we're beating our heads against a brick wall. Thanks!

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