[Essence Reaver] [Feedback] Please don't release this item with this recipe!

As the title says, Riot, please don't release this item with this recipe! Don't take this the wrong way. I like the item, I really do, but it has a critical flaw : It has to be rushed (2650g) for the mana passive because it is designed for champs *in need of mana*. Obviously, champs that have no mana problems will ignore this item. The problem is that those mana needy champs will be without a mana item for the ENTIRE early game! They are supposed to farm such a large amount, while winning lane, but without the increased mana support that they need. (by definition of the item niche) So they are put into a position to rush an item to fix their problems but without the help of the item itself until its been rushed. On the other hand, the Manamune is still there and will get them through the laning phase just fine. Here's what I think you are looking for in this item : An AD item that sustains in lane but doesn't increase capacitance. That's fine, but the Manamune brings big mana sustain early as a Tear. The AD isn't there until its finished (2100g) but the two items have almost equal AD when complete. So, your new item is supposed to have 2 AD items early but brings the mana later. However, mana items are less needed overall the further the game goes because of bigger mana pools with higher mana regen. So, why wait so very long (2650g) to get that extra mana in this recipe? *You are going to turn away people back to the Tear.* (a mere 700g) Below are only suggestions, but my main critique is : This item PUNISHES the champs that it is designed for because they need the *finished* item to fix their own farming/laning problems!! Here's my SUGGESTION : Build this item out of a Pickaxe, a Vamp Scepter and a Forbidden Idol. Reduce the recipe cost by a lot so the final item is about 2800g total. This adds some MP5 and, yet, you can start the game with two Fairy Charms for early game mana support. It would also explain where the CDR came from. Alternative SUGGESTION : Pickaxe + Forbidden Idol to make the Essence Reaver (30AD 10cdr 8mp5 passive) then later combine an Essence Reaver with the Vampiric Scepter to make an end-game version. (65AD 10LS 10cdr 8mp5 passive) This would closely mirror the progression of the Tiamat/Hydra item and would make mana-hungry AD champs very happy with a proper alternative to the Manamune. From another thread, it looks like this: > *Essence Reaver* (1900 gold) = {{item:1037}} (875 gold) + {{item:3114}} (700 gold) + (325 gold) > > * 30 Attack Damage > > > * Cooldown Reduction: 10% > > > * 8 Mana/5s > > > * UNIQUE Passive: You gain ***2 to 4%*** of the damage dealt by basic attacks as Mana. Mana gain increases based on how much Mana you are missing. > > > *(NEW ITEM)* (3300 gold) = *Essence Reaver* (1900 gold) + {{item:1053}} (800 gold) + (600 gold) > > > * 65 Attack Damage > > > * Cooldown Reduction: 10% > > > * Life Steal: 12% > > > * 8 Mana/5s > > > * UNIQUE Passive: You gain 2 to 8% of the damage dealt on-hit as Mana. Mana gain increases based on how much Mana you are missing. EDIT: cleaned up my wording to clarify my thoughts 6-11-14
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