Omega Squad Ziggs Descussion

Omega Squad Twitch, Tristana, Fizz, and Veigar Teasers
WIP !] Between player surveys and a social media preview video, get ready for upcoming Omega Squad Twitch, Tristana, Fizz, and Veigar as well as new chroma! Continue reading for more information! Compiled info: Redditor hisrantsk ! Video teaser showing off the typical social media previews for the upcoming skins & chroma as well as chroma for the previously released Omega Squad Teemo!
So I would like to ask a Riot member a question about Ziggs, he's one of my favorite mages to play at the moment in both the ad carry and mid lane positions, but I was surprised when I saw he wasn't getting an Omega squad skin, with him being a demolition expert after all. So my question is, why wouldn't he be in the running for it? We know this skin line has been circling riot for a while now due to the leaks a few months ago, so was it because his other skins were too close to the design of omega squad or was he just never in the running? I can kinda see with his base skin being to close to the design, but it would be nice to read a Riot opinion on the subject. P.s I know I don't post on here a lot, but this is more the route I like to take on stuff like the PBE, I'm not great at figuring out how to recreate bugs to test them, and I am here more for discussion on the future league updates before they hit Live. Edit: I figure I should put this in here as well. I personally see the team this way- Trist - Frontal assault, ready to engage at a moments notice and bring as much firepower as needed, or a bit extra Fizz - The flanker of the group coming to disrupt the fight any way he can Twitch and Teemo - The infiltrators, looking to try to find any information they can while not being seen Veigar - The back-line, or counter attacker ready to keep things off from his squad mates while being a consistent force of aggression and Ziggs - the brains of the operations and the demolition expert ready to get into places they probably shouldn't be in the first place. IE; Enemy structures and retreats. Would be great to see everyone's view on the skins as a whole and see different peoples views of the squad.
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