One For All - Champion Select

As the Champion Selection is now, there are lots of leavers and guys ending up mad because there choice of champ wasn´t approved by the team or chosen in the vote system. So why not let everyone **pick up to 3 champs** to make the chance of a common choice more likely. For example Summoner 1 {{champion:1}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:54}} Summoner 2 {{champion:99}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:61}} Summoner 3 {{champion:21}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:127}} Summoner 4 {{champion:58}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:76}} Summoner 5 {{champion:85}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:127}} The majority in these 15 picks is Lissandra with 4 votes so she will be selected. I dont know anything about how much it would change in the programming work but the outcome would raise the chance of finding a common champ which at least most of the players would enjoy to play way higher.
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