Suggestion to fix the current crit chance overload.

Crit chance is a really strong and efficient stat. It in turn does not require sticking to an enemy and instead luck of having something happening in your favor to work well (psudo RNG is still luck since you can not accurately predict what is going to happen just to some degree what is more likely to happen next . Kinda like card counting in blackjack but to a lesser extent since the game is constantly changing from second to second). Part of the issue with the PBE changes is that there is far to much of this high impact Psudo RNG which effects early agame a lot and and it is not hard to get over 70% without giving up much of anything in doing so by mid to late game How to fix it? Zeal should have more attack speed instead of crit chance like it does on live. Now if daggers are going to keep a cost of 300 for 12% attack speed somethign should be done to zeal. brawlers golves + dagger + dagger + 200 gold = Zeal (1200 gold) 12% crit chance 25% attack speed 5% movement speed. Phantom dancer can keep the current PBE stats but the build path will be Zeal + Dagger + brawler golves insread of the current zeal + dagger + dagger statikk shiv will lose 5% crit chance and gain 5% attack speed and thigns like this happen to other crit items that build out of zeal. Now please keep trinity force much like it was before these changes. 250 health 250 mana 8% movement speed 15% crit chance 30 AD 30% attack speed. 10% CDR Passives are the same and price can stay at 3800 since this will be a reasonable movement of power for the item. Alternatively you could jsut make a dagger give 16% attack speed for 400 gold and keep the current live zeal stats. But riot what were you thinking with giving 20% crit chance to a really basic item like Zeal? Or change sheen to give 5% movement speed and replace the Zeal with a stinger for triforce. Make it 45% attack speed and no crit chance. Other sheen items would be fine with 5% movement speed since lichbane already has it movement speed. The issue is that attack speed is consistent you know what you are getting while crit chance could give you rags or riches at any time.
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