[Assassins] LeBlanc Feedback Thread

Hello all, this is the {{champion:7}} feedback thread announcement sentence! This thread doesn't have exact numbers or ability text, look for that appearing on the website soon. **Rework goals:** * Make LeBlanc healthier by giving her opponents have time to respond when she goes in. By adding a little time between when LeBlanc goes in and when the full burst hits, the choice of whether to snap back to W's origin means LB has to give up damage. * Give LeBlanc unique strategic tools and capabilities so she brings something to her games that other assassins don't. * In doing the first two things, emphasize her thematic identity as the Deceiver -- emphasize her tricky side. **The Changes** * LeBlanc's Sigil of Malice is now her passive. The mark is applied by all her spells, cooks for 1.5 seconds, and can be popped by any spell for massive damage. If LeBlanc's Q pops a charged Sigil of Malice, it chains to nearby ready Sigils (taking some of the waveclear duty off her W/RW). * Mirror Image is now a part of LeBlanc's ultimate -- when she copies a spell, she splits and both her and the clone cast the spell. * Mimic can now copy any spell, not just the most recently cast; she presses R secretly, and the next button press is the Mimic version of that spell. * Mimic's R -> R is a new ability: LeBlanc creates an uncontrollable clone anywhere on the map. That clone runs toward the nearest enemy champion and casts a fake version of the most recent spell LeBlanc cast before creating the RR Mimic. This has a separate cooldown from the ult itself. **Smaller changes** * W and RW now have a brief (0.3s~) delay after dash completes before LeBlanc can snap back. For most players, farming the wave is the only time they'll feel this; casting any spells after the dash 'covers up' the delay time entirely. This is mainly something for extremely high level LeBlanc play. * All new VFX for LeBlanc's spells. * E now displays the tether range to LeBlanc and her victim. It hasn't changed in size, but it's really really big xD * RR has a gem on the corner of the R button to track its cooldown timer. * This is the real {{champion:7}} feedback thread announcement sentence _the first one was a clone the whole time_ Questions, comments, bugs and discussion all welcome. Good hunting!
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