Fiora Movespeed nerf feedback

As I'm playing fiora with these move speed nerfs, i find it real hard to use her ult and land my vitals. 100% of the time i cannot land all of them and that is with {{item:3071}} ,{{item:3742}} , {{item:3047}} and of course my Q. The {{item:3044}} passive should usually help me land my vitals but nothing works. I even got {{summoner:3}} to slow the enemy, but its still not helping much. If you are trying to make it so fiora can only build certain items and restrict her game play, well you made it. Overall, i think its not a bad idea to nerf move-speed, but don't make it to the point to where she is useless to even use her own kit. P.S. The only way to complete all 4 vitals using Grand Challenge (R), is if you use {{summoner:4}} . but at the same point, i don't think ever fiora wants to use Flash when they are gonna fight to kill the carry or get a simple kill in lane.

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