Updates made to the client's frame

Hey guys! The team has been working on improving changes to the frame that surrounds the client, which includes window controls, notification ticker, play button and all other informational and navigational elements within the top border. These changes were made to address pain points and make it much easier to add cool stuff in the future. A few things you may notice... - Clicking the LoL logo in the top left corner now works as expected while in Arranged Team Lobbies - The Play button should also work as expected while in the Custom Game lobby - Visiting your Runes screen should no longer change the font of the info panel - Improved performance As with all previous work we have done to improve the client experience, the client will continue functioning as it always has... taking you to those screens you love, resizing the client, and letting you press that all important Play button. Please exercise getting into those other screens, resizing the client and making sure your summoner icon/RP/IP appear correctly. As always, let us know about improvements we can make to this aspect of the client and any of its adjacent areas. Thanks for all your help guys! EDIT - Change the formatting a bit.
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