@Riot Lethality Changes aren't Enough to bring back Full AD Rengar

Unless I'm reading the pbe update incorrectly by thinking the lethality changes were a buff towards lethality early on, please correct me. Tried out a game with lethality and it's still not enough of a reason to go full ad rengar over bruiser rengar. Wasn't dealing enough damage even with full ad runes to start with. **Issue:** _Rengar's full ad build lost popularity during rework because of overall q changes and camo changes. While this made it healthier for enemies spotting Rengar even without wards, it also forced bruiser to become the dominant build. Bruiser Rengar was usually built when you did poor early or overall tough matchups. As of now, bruiser build is the goto build regardless of the situation. There's too much to give up to build assassin on Rengar. High survivability (50%-100% heals) while still dealing a great amount of damage that is aoe._ **List of some Solutions** 1. Shorten Rengar's ultimate, remove crit, and allow him to gain invisibility. 2. Revert Q changes/ferocity decay changes 3. Revert to old heal 4. Make heal ramp up to 50% of damage taken as you put points into it 5. Rework bonetooth necklace to support lethality instead of bonus ad 6. Remove cc immunity and cleanse 7. Remove cc immunity and keep cleanse Way off the table, but could rework the offensive/defensive settings to affect how much damage a champion can deal. Ex: Sunfire cape providing it's same defensive stats, but giving -10 ad. No clue how much this will hurt tanks since they relay on base stats so much. What's plan(s) for Rengar at the moment?
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