[Suggestions] Xerath Ultimate Brainstorm

I showed the new Xerath to three of my irl friends, two of whom main Live Xerath. We all compared notes, and the one thing everyone agreed on is that his new ultimate feels underwhelming, especially when you are behind. We spent a while brainstorming different ways to do his ultimate, and I figured I might as well throw the ideas up here: **1) ** Upon casting, Xerath roots himself and throws out a long-range, non-piercing, high damage Laser that follows the mouse cursor. That is, moving the mouse cursor will drag the path of the beam towards the cursor. My friend who suggested this likened it to Lucien's ultimate "The Culling", but not constrained in power by the champion being an adc and therefore needing to deal damage mainly with basic attacks, and also being a re-aim able ability. **2)** Xerath roots, gaining new effects for his abilities. His E explodes on impact, stunning everything in a small AOE (useful for when you're being chased by two bruisers at once, side-by-side). His W has a larger AOE, and a larger sweet spot. His Q casts instantly at full range (reducing the time it takes to get out all his burst) and has a thicker hitbox. This ultimate could be given a cooldown of 20/15/10, giving him a more Xerathy feel, what with live Xerath's relatively short cooldown for his ultimate and the 20/16/12/8/4 second cooldown on his W. **3)** Xerath's next ability is empowered and deals damage as though it were fully leveled. His Q becomes a Cone like Chogath's W or Syndra's E. His W is a continuous blast, becoming a slow field and DOT much like Rumble's Ultimate. His E is larger and stuns as an AOE upon collision with an enemy. **P.S.** Please don't comment that one of these ideas would make Xerath OP. A champion can always be made more powerful or less powerful by changing the numbers on their abilities. These ideas are intended only to change the feel, and to a small extent, the playstyle of Xerath.
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