@Riot "Please Consider." Ezreal Feels Lackluster Currently

This entire body of text I'm about to show you is what I said in a recent post of Ezreal but I am just posting it here to get a direct view for you. Here you go. Focusing around Ezreals W and Q. People are complaining that his Q doesn't crit but MF's ult does for a small amount. Which honestly doesn't sound that bad. Why not allow his Q to crit for like 40-50% bonus damage. I could see a crit Ezreal build working to be honest. It's kinda like playing lucian/vayne that way. Cause you jump in the middle and Q someone auto attack the others to death with your passive and crits along with sheen proc'd Q crits along with manamune ect. With the crits Ezreal's Essence Reaver would sync with him and give him cdr and mana. ALL JUST BY GIVING HIS Q A CRIT DAMAGE MULTIPLIER! If that became possible you could seriously play ez in all adc form builds. Crit/blue/glass/ap/standard/ect so many options. If all that were possible my new build for Ezreal would be something like this. {{item:3042}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3072}} I'd probably swap out the Bloodthirster for a BotRK if I need more percent damage versus tanks. This full build would give me. 50% attack speed (+BotRK's 40% if you get it) (Don't forget your passive) 270 attack damage 250 bonus health 1250 bonus mana 40% cooldown reduction 40% critical strike chance 20% life steal 45 flat move speed 5% move speed multiplier That was an estimate so if I got it wrong that's fine. Anyway the point of all of this is to say to a Rioter that we'd much rather see a crit on Q much more an effective buff rather than 1.1 ad ratio on q instead of 1.0 or the cd buff to his Q which allows his other abilities to get off cd faster which really isn't all that important to an adc. Crits are. Which by changing the items out like they are ezreal isn't gonna be picked often. Especially with his new core path being {{item:3042}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3508}} This holding true to Ezreal it just doesn't seem fair to him at all. In the next coming meta (I.E. ADC/Assassin meta) Ezreal isn't gonna be able to even hold against these adc's or foes. This just puts him forcefully into the mid lane as an AD caster mid laner. Cause he can't go ap cause he can't farm in ap as well. And if he goes bot lane he'll just get destroyed by all these new adc's. I strongly suggest the listed buff for Ezreal (tweak the numbers to your liking though. [Q "Mystic Shot" Now has a 1.0 AD Ratio on his Q and no longer has the 0.5 bonus CD reduction on landing his Q on an enemy.] [*NEW* Ezreal's Q "Mystic Shot" can now crit for _(x)AmountOfBonusDamageHere_ bonus damage. (I was thinking around 50% or something but that's up to you.)] ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR THIS IDEA [Q "Mystic Shot" Now has a 1.0 AD Ratio on his Q and no longer has the 0.5 bonus CD reduction on landing his Q on an enemy.] [*NEW* Ezreal's Q "Mystic Shot" can now crit for UP TO _(x)AmountOfBonusDamageHere_ bonus damage BASED ON HOW MANY PASSIVE STACKS HE HAS (I.E. Just like last time but this change is a bit more fair to the crit idea for Ezreal. As now with this one you have to stack up first to even get the chance to get crit damage.)] In fact all these ideas you could alter it to where you make it where for however much crit you have the more damage your Q does for a CHANCE to deal that much crit damage over scaling or something. Also, this would cause ADC Ezreal players to max W second after Q to give the attack speed to themselves using E to allow his crits and Q's to finally mean something in a trade. As where it is currently it's just "Poke poke poke poke poke. Okay they are low let's go in Ult W E Q auto auto auto Q then you win." it's rather lackluster and it's the same thing every game. Adding crit might get people to actually be scared of Ezreal's Q for once as well as fit him with the meta in the right way. All of this post is to make Ezreal "fit" with the ADC role and the coming meta. Please run this over to the team. I really don't see these as a bad ideas whatsoever. I don't even see how they could be in anyway possible. At least consider them. <3 Faal Rovaniik
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