{{champion:236}} After facing CDR Lucian several times yesterday on PBE, I believe his E needs to be fixed. First, numbers. 1. Rank 5 E + 40% CDR = 6 second cooldown 2. Rank 5 Q + 40% CDR = 2 second cooldown 3. You dash, Q and passive (reduces cooldown by 2 seconds if you hit a champion), W and passive, and by that point your E is up again. So you dash forward or backwards or whatever, you're able to Q and passive again, wait a second, dash, and repeat this cycle endlessly or for as long as your mana bar can take. For one thing, I'm not even sure why his E still removes all slowing effects. This make it impossible to chase or run away from Lucian with the cooldown. Something here needs to be rebalanced or nerfed. He's never in danger even if his autoattack range if 500, because he just dashes out with no repercussions since the cooldown is so short and it costs no mana, and if you get close enough to exhaust him or slow him he just dashes it off. Unless you have a team of full hard CC it won't be possible to shut down Lucian unless the player is bad. Please change something.
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