Was 35 sona nerfs not sufficient for you riot?

sona will be literally unplayable in a competitive bot lane due to mana issues and ap sona is in an even worse condition she has to spend 400 mana to heal for 150 hp of damage which is her entire mana bar so basically with the removal of mana potions sona has effectively lost the ability to be considered a sustain support for her adc because healing will never be an option ap sona doesnt eve have the option of spending 800g on a chalice or something of that sort because her build path is different I was still stomping these kids hard sure but thats because im high elo and they are probably bronze/silver if this were to be a diamond + game where I need to spam W then sona will be way way way way weaker due to mana issues if you were to cast heal even once on your adc you will instantly be out of mana I cant imagine what would happen if you had to attempt patching up an adc that was recently hooked by blitz/thresh I was having mana issues by level 2-3**_ just using q to poke occasionally_** without even USING W and I was still going oom as sona its pretty sad when the only thing ap sona can do for mana issues is rush her early game mejais sooner since when was **mejai soulstealer considered a mana sustain item in lane**? why cant riot just pull their head out of their ass and admit removing mana potions was a **HUGE** mistake? sigh
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