I think i've found a solution to ARURF

After reading some of the posts here, it just hit me. I don't know if this is even possible, but here goes. How about instead of ARURF all the time, whenever we queue for it, the game decides if we get put into a lobby of URF or ARURF. Essentially, this way both people who want to play ARURF and URF are happy, and two separate queue's aren't created to split the number of players. This will probably increase the number of dodges, so maybe adding 15 minute first time penalty followed by an hour or something of that sort would be beneficial. Again, i'm not sure if this is even possible but I'd like to see what you guys think of this. Thoughts? TL;DR - Q up for URF, get placed in ARURF or URF randomly. No need for 2 separate queues.
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