Tweak to meet Galios Magic eating Fantasy.

Galio's big. he fits that theme very well. But he's not the only colossus... He is however the only champion that EATS magic, and NEEDS it to live. Could his W in some way, please heal him if someone uses an AP ability on him during that time? Even if it has a healing cap... (maybe even remove the %damage reduction in favor of this?) Charging his W is VERY clear... It would create a lot of counter play options for him and his opponent as a mid laner. Please consider this... I will miss Old Galio, but New Galio is also fantastic... He just doesnt feel very Anti Mage at all. and that's his reason for existing thematically, and doesnt really feel like it at all. {{champion:90}} , {{champion:15}} , and {{champion:56}} all have abilities that feel more like they eat magic than Galio does.... And {{champion:54}} passive shield can absorb AP and AD.
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